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PN Canada and CNA help celebrate Canada’s 150 Years

On behalf of Practical Nurses of Canada (PN Canada) who is a proud member of Canadian Nurses Association (CNA) since 2013 as an Affiliate Member we would like to invite all of you to participate in celebrating nursing profession together. We have worked on many collaborative projects representing all nursing through our organizations. Recently we have been invited by CNA to be partners in celebrating “Canada’s 150 year” through acknowledgement and highlighting 10 LPNs from across Canada that will be featured in the upcoming CNA articles alongside of Registered Nurses honoring all nurses that have served the public.

We are excited to be partners and would like to have one (1) LPN from each province and territory across Canada celebrating unity in the spirit of historical celebration. We are asking all of you to please participate in this celebration issue for all nurses by selecting an LPN that has contributed to their profession and deserves to be recognized for their high standard of practice and leadership.

Please see the details below and if you could respond by April 19th, 2017:

Criteria of selection of an LPN from your province is as follows:

  • Be a member of their provincial or territorial college of nursing for 2017
  • Demonstrate leadership in connecting with patients and their families and advanced patient-centred approach through traditional or innovative methods Inspire a passion for nursing

One or more of the following:

  • Be a strong public advocate and active leader in support of social justice and quality health care
  • Have enhanced and/or promoted exemplary and innovative nursing practice
  • Have advanced professional expertise and Interprofessional practice
  • Have contributed significantly to professional organizations, inspiring and supporting the professional development of others by serving as a mentor or advisor

Please submit an Licensed/Registered Practical Nurses from your provincial/territory with thee following: name, contact information, brief summary of why you chose this person (75 – 100 words). We would also need a photo (head and shoulders minimum resolution 150 pixels x 200 pixels)

You may send one or two and we will let you know who was the successful submission. Please send your selection to email:  –  Attn: Anita or Maxwell